"What makes EZLA so special?"

Frequently Asked Question

The unique combination of:

Experts Network

Our network includes experts from different disciplines. This way we assure that our clients receive the best possible advice.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer solutions aligned to the requirements of your business. Always just as much as you need, straightforward and flexible.

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts"


EZLA brings companies successfully to Europe!

With our customized solutions and the support by our network of experts sustainbable results are guaranteed.


or a new company the first months are crucial to position itself in the market. Quick results are desired but time is limited to deal – amongst other things – with all the organizational aspects of a new office. Nonetheless the office ought to be fully equipped, functional and ready to be used from day one, as well as providing your company with a competitive appeal and it should also offer conference rooms equipped with latest technology and an attractive reception area.

At EZLA all investment costs and unanticipated organizational tasks that are not directly related to your core business are reduced. In addition, the selected office area can be expanded at short notice, as needed. This facilitates the adjustment of the office space according to your business’ growth. Obviously it is also possible to reduce the size of the selected office space aligned to the requirements of your business, so the cost will be incurred only for the area your company is actually demanding.

Vision & Mission

We strive to be the most important European platform for small to medium sized enterprises from Latin America. In order to promote trade and cultural exchange as well as to facilitate the location of Latin American companies in Europe.

Our Philosophy

We connect local key experts with small to medium sized enterprises from Latin America and combine this network with practical service and a first class infrastructure.

Our Offer
  • Access to a local Network of Experts
  • Virtual and physical Offices
  • Information & Networking Events
  • Marketing & Promotion

Tailor-made office solutions in a representative downtown location.

With our flexible EZLA office solutions, we meet your demand at any time with the right service. You ask for what you need and we have it for you!

EZLA’s modern offices provide you with the latest equipment and allows you to present your product or service in a first class surrounding.

Located in one of the fastest developing areas of the city, close to the Town Hall, the Stock Exchange and the National Bank of Germany.

Meet our experts!